About Our Product

In AdMine user chooses what the ads to view!

AdMine platform allows advertisers to place ads without commission, and allows users to earn on viewing the ads. Users can choose which ad they prefer to watch.

We offer a banner network built on the principles of a social network, where advertisers will act as investors and users will choose which range of ads they’d like to see, they can subscribe to their favorite brands and get paid for viewing the selected ad. In our platform with a special mechanism for personalized targeting, advertisers will save huge amount of money and will pick the most exact clients.

Our platform creates the following opportunities:

AdMine is a social network of brands based on BlockChain technology. We want to attract users’ attention to the ads and increase its effectiveness by creating favorable conditions, where all participants benefit from cooperation. For viewing ads, users will be credited with cryptocurrencies, which can be used for purchasing products in the internet, can be withdraw to a bank account/card or exchanged with other cryptocurrencies.

The platform makes it possible to mine the cryptocurrencies without utilizing the power of computer. The user receives coins for viewing the ads on the internet, assessing the product quality, providing personal data for analytical services, passing marketing surveys, testing games and other activities.

Each user viewing an ad has unique personal data, which can be used by the advertiser for creating an ad campaign: data on personality (gender, age), education, spoken languages, interests, preferences, location and other decisive information. An advertiser can only show the ad to the interested audience, excluding empty demonstrations while maintaining minimum expense.

The architecture of the system allows users to remain anonymous on the network when viewing ads, since they only provide their personal data to the smart contract, which is operating in the automated mode without the possibility of interfering the procedures by the operator. Besides, the ad campaigns will offer coins for providing additional information about themselves.

The user can exchange the earned cryptocurrencies at the stock exchange at any time or withdraw to a bank account. Using the built-in chat system and service desk, all participants can exchange messages and make suggestions on improvements or dispute resolutions, which might involve auditors if necessary.

Our project is designed to help advertisers with any level of knowledge. Even a novice brand owner can create an effective campaign with ease and absolutely free, by using pre-configured scripts or creating one.

Each scenario can use one of the basic principles of an ad campaign, such as displaying ads to the user, surveys, testing programs, passing quests and other opportunities.

Each user has the opportunity to subscribe to favorite brands in the personal profile. Brands see their popularity among the rest in the rating list. Subscribers can be used for various reasons. For example for evaluating products, which are not yet on sale, closed game or program testing or other activities. In order to conduct ad campaign, it is often necessary to determine the size of the target audience, figure out the number of potential customers that the ad campaign will attract and, ultimately, what audience will be brand owner count on. To do this, AdMine allows to search users based on their profile parameters, location and other available characteristics.

The uniqueness of the AdMine system is the smart contract practise, which are designated to ensure the security and fault tolerance of the system as a whole. All the procedures inside the platform, from ad campaign creation to conducting interviews, use smart contracts as an independent arbitrator to fulfill the obligations of all parties. Smart contract is impartial and does not depend on anyone’s actions, all stages of its execution and history are available online.